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Our fee agreement and contract of representation can be submitted below.
If you hire us at least 72 hours before your first court appearance at Dallas Municipal Court, we charge a flat fee of $40.00 for taking care of it.
This includes notifying the court of our representation, setting a hearing date, attempting to negotiate an immediate dismissal or a fine and cost reduction and a deferred disposition arrangement with the relevant prosecutor or court.
If you’re summoned to a JP court, it includes appealing it to a County Court at Law, where your chances of a deferral and/or negotiated dismissal are much better.
If your first appearance date has already passed, we charge a little more. This fee covers notifying the court of our representation. It covers posting an attorney bond (for which your signature may be required), requesting and setting a new hearing date, and attempting to negotiate a dismissal or deferral beforehand. Obviously, if necessary, it includes attending and advocating for you at the hearing itself.
Fees for tickets that are in warrant may also be a little higher.
The bottom line? EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE, so give us a call and tell us what you’re dealing with, and we’ll see if we can reach an agreement on price.
We’ll do what we can, within reason, to win your business.
Once you submit the form below we’ll call you. You can ask us any additional questions you might have, and we’ll take your payment over the phone if you have a credit card or debit card, or you can schedule an appointment and pay in cash (or got Walgreens or CVS and load a card with cash, if you don;t have time to make a trip to our offices). We do not accept cash at the court house. You must pay in advance. In some circumstances we will enter into payment plans. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

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