Traffic Laws In Texas

In September of 2003 the State of Texas enacted the Driver’s Responsibility Program. Under the program when a person receives a conviction for a moving violation of the traffic laws of Texas or another state they are “tagged” with 2 points on their driver’s license. If the violation resulted in an accident, they are tagged with 3 points. When a person accumulates 6 points within three years, they will be assessed a surcharge on their driver’s license. For the first 6 points the surcharge is $100, for each additional point, $25. Our ticket lawyers strive to keep these points off your license, so you won’t face any state surcharges.

If a person has been convicted for driving without a valid license or without insurance during the preceding 36 months another $250 surcharge is levied.

Additionally, for a person convicted of an offense related to operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated during the previous 36 months a surcharge of $1000 is added.

The surcharge increases to $1500 for a second intoxicated offense, and $2000 if the offense involved a blood alcohol content of 0.16 or more.

If you are convicted of a citation for certain offenses, you will receive 2 points on your driver’s license if an accident result from the violation.

Here’s a list of citations our ticket lawyers see and handle fairly often:

§  Changed lane when unsafe

§  Child passenger safety seat offense

§  Cut across driveway to make turn

§  Cut corner left turn

§  Disregard warning signs or barricades

§  Disregarded flashing red signal (at stop sign, etc.)

§  Disregarded flashing yellow signal

§  Disregarded lane control signal

§  Disregarded no lane change sign

§  Disregarded no passing zone

§  Drove center lane (not passing, not turning left)

§  Drove wrong way in designated lane

§  Drove wrong way on one-way roadway

§  Fail to control speed

§  Fail to drive in single lane

§  Fail to signal required distance before turning

§  Fail to signal turn

§  Fail to signal with turn indicator

§  Fail to stop for approaching train

§  Fail to stop for school bus (or remain stopped, specify)

§  Fail to yield at stop intersection

§  Fail to yield at yield intersection

§  Fail to yield right of way

§  Failed to signal lane change

§  Following too closely

§  Improper passing

§  Improper turn

§  Improper turn or stop hand signal

§  Improper use of turn indicator

§  Lack of caution on green arrow signal

§  Leaving scene of accident

§  Made U-turn on curve or hill

§  Negligent collision

§  Obstructing traffic

§  Operate vehicle where prohibited

§  Passing authorized emergency vehicle

§  Ran red light

§  Ran stop sign

§  Reckless driving

§  Speed under minimum

§  Speeding > 10% above posted speed limit

§  Speeding–15 miles or over (CDL)

§  Speeding–school zone

§  Turned across dividing section

§  Turned left from wrong lane

§  Turned right from wrong lane

§  Turned when unsafe

§  Unsafe speed (too fast for conditions)

§  Use wireless device in school zone

The following offenses do not earn you points, but rather an automatic surcharge anywhere from $100 to $2000:

§  Driving under influence

§  Driving under influence of drugs

§  Driving while impaired

§  Driving while intoxicated > 0.16

§  Driving while intoxicated with child younger than 15 y.o.a.

§  Driving while intoxicated–felony

§  Driving while intoxicated–juvenile

§  Driving while intoxicated–misdemeanor

§  Driving while intoxicated–on beach

§  Driving while intoxicated–probated

§  Driving while intoxicated–under 21

§  Driving while license disqualified–CMV

§  Driving while license suspended under provisions of DL laws

§  Driving while license suspended–SR

§  Intoxication assault

§  Intoxication assault motor vehicle

§  Intoxication manslaughter

§  Intoxication manslaughter motor vehicle

§  No driver license

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