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A Texas traffic violation can cost you. You may have to pay hefty fines. Your insurance rates can go up. If you get more than one you might get hit with state surcharges. You could even lose your driver’s license. If you’re a CDL holder a traffic ticket can cost you your job. Don’t sacrifice your peace of mind; get a good traffic attorney. It will help. If you hire us, we’ll do all we can to save you money and time.

Any Texas traffic attorney will tell you that when you get a traffic ticket in the Lone Star state you get a court date.

Our ticket lawyers will represent you at that hearing. They’ll stand with you through the process of handling your tickets or warrants. Our traffic attorneys will help you navigate the rules and requirements of the municipality or county where you were ticketed.

If you actually have to go to court in person, it should not take more than two hours. Our traffic attorneys will sign in with you, argue on your behalf, and cover all the details. You just need to show up. Don’t worry. We’ll be there.

People cited for traffic violations in the City of Dallas have to appear in court in person. However, after that first appearance, dismissal is a very real possibility.

Our traffic attorneys will do all they can to get your ticket dismissed based on the particular facts of your situation.

If you received a traffic ticket outside Dallas, you generally don’t have to appear in court.

If you hire us, our traffic attorneys appear on your behalf and advocate for dismissal.

In order to secure a dismissal, you may need to complete a period of deferred adjudication. As long as you have no further violations during that period, your case will be dismissed.

If you fail to appear for a court date a warrant for your arrest will issue. Our traffic attorneys will explore every possible route to keeping a missed appearance off your record, including arguing your case in traffic court.