We believe the most valuable resource a business has is its people.

The lawyers in our firm have more than two decades of combined legal experience in Texas.

Our senior partners have tried numerous cases to verdict here and settled many, many more.

Their work has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, Texas Lawyer and national news outlets, like and Sports

They have contributed to panel discussions on television, and been interviewed by local journalists for television and radio news.

They are active in the community, volunteering their time to teach and mentor high school students and younger lawyers.

Don’t be fooled into thinking one traffic ticket lawyer is just like another. The level of experience and expertise your traffic ticket lawyer can bring to bear will likely make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Our support staff understand that while the senior partners write their checks, you, our clients, put the money that pays them in the firm’s bank account.

You want your traffic ticket lawyer to treat you like you’re their only client. That’s what our people strive to do.